Yacht Design

In our office we believe in creating integrated and technically feasible designs. Centered around the client’s initial wishes, we try to push the boundaries of yacht design. Depending on the scope of the project, we start with concept sketches to explore the exterior design styling. Simultaneously we work on the arrangement of the yacht, to ensure we create an integrated and feasible design. In close cooperation with our team of naval architects and engineers, our designers always make sure our concepts and design proposals are technically feasible.

Our in-house design team is capable of working in a wide variety of projects, from initial ideation to detailing. We’re also able to write full technical specifications and bid packages for quotation of designs at yards.

Concept design

With or without initial briefing we can design a complete concept design or customize one of the designs that are already in our design portfolio.
Our portfolio shows that we are comfortable in various design styles, ranging from classic to modern.
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Exterior styling and detailing

Based on initial parameters we can provide you with suitable exterior styling predefined styling moodboards. The iterative process of styling a yacht’s exterior also contains its detailing in later phases. In cooperation with the engineers and naval architects, our designers always focus on creating a feasible styling proposal.

General arrangement and profile plans

As part of the initial design we are able to quickly create a general arrangement, centerline elevation and corresponding profiles, to show the design possibilities within the requested parameters, determined in consultation with the client.

3D Modeling and rendering

As part of our design process we iterate between sketches and 3D modeling, in order to evaluate and assess volumes, proportions and to check the design’s feasibility.

Artistic impressions and visuals

As part of the design process we can provide artistic impressions and high quality visuals, in order to present our design, convince the client or propose several exterior styling options. This can either be posters, screen presentations or even a movie presentation.

Outline specifications

The outline specifications can vary from preliminary hull lines, interior plans, construction sections, preliminary weight estimate to 3D Renderings and even performance predictions. In this stage we can provide all necessary parameters to start a project.

Full technical specifications

With our project teams we are able to carry out the complete initial design phases of a design project, including definition of technical specifications. In most projects, this is part of a complete bid package.

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Bid packages

The final result of the initial design phase will be the bid package, in which we specify the design for potential builders. After this phase we’re able to carry out the yacht’s naval architecture, engineering and building supervision and support.