As a private yacht it is always possible to sail with more than 12 guests on board of your yacht when sailing under Marshall Islands. But what if you wish to charter your yacht with more guests as well? Than a PAXY registration might be the way to go. As a PAXY you are able to charter with up to 36 passengers on board. Last week Azure has successfully completed a compliance verification for the very first PAXY registration under Marshall Islands. Azure: “As a Design and Naval Architect company we have vast experience in designing and engineering passenger yachts. To now also be involved in the registration process of these yachts seems a very logical step for our company.” According the MI Yacht Code any passenger yacht that complies with applicable international conventions for passenger ships carrying not more than 36 passengers can apply for PAXY registration. Since the MCA Passenger Yacht Code this is a much used program for yacht builders, the registration has now accepted these regulations as an equivalent standard. With a number of passenger yachts in built that are looking into registry as a PAXY, Marshall Islands is a yacht flag state with a vast growing experience in passenger yachts.

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