Purity - 94m


94 m
<3000 GT
14.10 m
5500 nm
21 KTS

14 KTS

Purity is Azure’s answer to the question; what would a modern and elegant long-range yacht look like? The design is the result of various form studies into usability, elegance and ‘clean’ design. Please scroll down for more information on this project.


Often wind can be bothersome while residing on the fore decks of a yacht. Azure’s design team became intrigued with the thought of a yacht with extra-large leisure areas aft. Therefore the front of the yacht lends itself to protection against the elements, whilst aft has been designed to enjoy the surroundings and water activities. Purity’s lines form a slender and light superstructure with the intention to be beautiful through use of clean shapes and proportions, without further adornments.
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Large outdoor areas

Her typical ‘explorer vessel’ proportions create extremely large aft decks, in comparison to yachts of similar size. The aft bridge and owners’ deck are partially glazed to illuminate interior spaces below, like the main salon and the lounge. These glass decks create exciting vertical sight lines, connecting activities on all decks. The stern hatch can be closed when underway to limit access to the main deck. When the stern door is opened however, guests are directed through the beach club to the stairway leading up to the main deck. This extended route was created to keep the main deck aft, which features a large swimming pool, free of traffic. The floor of the pool can also be raised for use as extra deck space or for a helicopter. (Helicopter with max. D-value of 14.30m) Scroll down for more information.


Although she can be easily adapted to any client's needs, in her current layout Purity boast a separate owners’ deck with stateroom, office and lounge. Furthermore she has 6 spacious guestrooms bathed with light entering through the hull windows.
Her massive beach club also features a lounge, gym and a wellness area for optimal relaxation. Finally, according to the latest trends Purity has two custom 10.5 meter tenders matching her vivacious character. Please contact us for more information!